NASP Twitter Chat — This Thursday!

I just saw the announcement via Twitter that NASP will be having its first ever NASP Twitter chat!  Here are more details:

Coming this Thursday, June 27, at 2pm ET, we will feature our first ever NASP Twitter chat. The topic: “The Feds and School Psychs: It’s Complicated. How federal policy will impact your job.” Hashtag to follow: #naspchat. Tune in on Thursday!

Please feel free to join in on the chat and learn more through the discussion.

Thank you for listening,

The Student Voice


Welcome to the Student NYASP Blog!

First, I wanted to welcome you to the NYASP (New York Association of School Psychologists) Student Blog.  The NYASP Student Blog will be discussing relevant, intriguing and useful information in the world of School Psychology.

The world of School Psychology is a complex and ever-changing field.  I am here to discuss the issues arising in the field, the questions I may have and other interesting articles I find.

Presenting this information from another perspective (through the eyes of a student) was an idea I came up and I am now excited it has come to fruition.  I want to take the time to thank the board of NYASP for giving me this opportunity.

We will be bringing you information about events that NYASP is holding and our information about the 2012 NYASP conference in Niagara Falls.

I am hoping this blog will start a conversation about field of School Psychology and everything that is changing.

Thank you NYASP!

Student Voice.