Why are you a School Psychologist?


As I progress throughout my internship year and meet so many different school psychologists, this question has been running through my mind: “Why are you a school psychologist?”  I will begin interviewing for positions soon and believe that a question similar to this may be asked, “Why do you want to become a school psychologist?”

I would love to know why school psychologists started in the field and continue to stay in the field.  I would also love to know why psychologists may have started in the field and moved on to a different field, such as becoming a professor.  These are great questions for anyone, at any level in the field to consider.

There are many different reasons that a person begins and continues through a specific profession.  So, as we embark on a new year ask yourself why you are, are becoming, continue to be, –  a school psychologist.


Children’s Mental Health

One of the students in my cohort shared this with me today. What are your thoughts on this?  Feel free to comment below.

NYASP Conference 2013!

The NYASP Conference for 2013 is right around the corner!   This year’s theme is “Expanding the Role of the School Psychologist: Balancing Theory & Practice.”


When: October 24th – 26th, 2013 (Thursday – Saturday morning)

Where it will be held: Crowne Plaza Hotel, White Plains, NY

Registration information: Register online or you can register by filling out a paper registration

This is a great event for graduate students, professionals in the field, professors, etc.  The presentations for this conference this year are so relevant to our field and I can’t wait to attend!  By participating you will meet a lot of professionals from all of New York State.   Making those type of connections is priceless and so is the knowledge you will gain by attending this year’s conference.

We hope you can join us this year — Register today!

Call for Proposals for the 2013 NYASP Conference!

Even though it is April plans are coming together for the big NYASP 2013 conference! Proposals for Conference 2013 will be accepted Feb. 1, 2013 – May 31, 2013

The NYASP Conference 2013 will be held in White Plains, N.Y. October 24-26. The theme of the 2013 NYASP Conference is Expanding the Role of the School Psychologist, and focuses on the many hats that we wear as school psychologists. We understand that school psychologists are both scholars and practitioners. To that end, the conference committee has endeavored to pair theory and practice, offering workshops on applied, solution-oriented activities which are based upon sound theory and best practice.

Current workshop topics include identification and treatment of learning disabilities, prevention through PBIS, RTI and other Tier II activities, bullying, spectrum disorders, ADHD/executive function, early childhood, emotional disorders and behavioral health.

The conference will also feature two panels focusing on school-based programs on PBIS and Autism Spectrum Disorders. If your school has a particularly effective and innovative program that you are particularly proud of, please consider submitting a proposal to be included on the panel. We are soliciting papers from our membership that would reflect the theme and the goals of the conference.

Papers should be submitted via the NYASP website no later than May 31, 2013. Instructions for submitting your proposal is detailed on the NYASP Call for Proposal site.