Documentaries and Resources – Oh my!

Greetings everyone! It has been a short period since I last posted but the commitments of graduate school will do that to a student.  One recent assignment led me to watching a documentary which got me to thinking about how important some documentaries are in our society.

Some videos present eye-opening information that can make you think from a different perspective.  So to help me as a graduate level student and others alike I posed some questions below…

  • What documentaries have you learned a lot from and would recommend to others?
  • Are there any particular documentaries that would be beneficial for a graduate student to watch before entering into the field of school psychology?

Let’s not limit this just to documentaries – but what resources have you found valuable as working professionals or graduate students?  I have been finding great resources left and right but are there any particular resources you use frequently or find quite helpful?

Thank you for listening,

The Student Voice


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