Students Cyberbullying their Teachers?

Opinion Time!

Recently in the news (a couple of weeks ago) I read about North Carolina passing a law that tried to prevent students cyberbullying teachers.  It had not been on my radar that students were and actually are involved bullying their teachers online.  Students have been doctoring photos of their teachers or posting false information about them.  I knew that students, sadly, still do participate in bullying each other via the Internet but I never thought about them bullying their own teachers.

The Wall Street Journal discussed this issue around the middle of September.  As I keep reading the issue seems to be quite controversial.  Many are mentioning that this could be impairing on The First Amendment Right.  However, in some cases students are actually creating profiles of their teachers and writing things as if they were the actual person.  These spoof profiles are creating quite a stir.

What would you do if someone created a spoof profile of you?

Have you ever encountered this type of harassment at your school?

What did you do?


One response

  1. I have to say I wouldn’t know what to do if this happened to me, once something is on the internet, it’s there to stay, no matter what you try to do as damage control, that’s why I’m careful about what I put on the internet, even on my very private facebook account. I’m curious to hear from someone who knows the internet better than I do, what can you do besides talk to the site facebook, linkin, and glassdoor (I guess myspace as well if people still use it) to get a fake profile down

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