NYASP 2012 Conference

If you are a NYASP member, I am sure you are aware that the NYASP 2012 state conference is right around the corner.

The theme this year is, “Families and Schools: Together We Can Do Great Things.”  A tentative speaker schedule can be found here (which was updated on 09/15/2012).

If you want to get a little head of schedule and plan out your days at the conference, check out the entire three day schedule of the conference.  Most importantly, if you have not register for the event please feel free to here.

See views like this at the 2012 NYASP Conference!

Recap of NYASP 2011:

Last year I attended my first NYASP conference at the Turning Stone and let me tell you it was a great first experience.  I was only able to make the conference for one day but it was an amazing peek into the world of a NYASP.  I had the pleasure of listening to Temple Grandin speak.  She had a captivated audience of hundreds at her finger tips who were all actively engaged and taking notes

Since it was my first NYASP conference I had no real expectations of what I would see or learn.  Going in with open eyes and ears allowed me to fully take in the experience NYASP has to offer.

There were so many different speakers I had the opportunity to see it was hard to just pick one during each session.  I also had the ability to go and see other graduate students presenting with their posters and discussing the research they are doing or will be doing in the near future.

The NYASP conference gives an opportunity for students and professionals to connect and learn from one another.  Make sure you are registered for this year!

Thanks for Listening,

Student Voice

Share your experiences of NYASP 2011 and what you hope to get from NYASP 2012 below in the comments section!


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